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AI Quiz Results

Thursday 22 July 2021

Agency brands using Alex

We recently finished our AI Quiz that triggered responses from over 200 property management department heads, property managers and business owners across Australia.

A bit about us…

Rental Heroes is a Melbourne based Proptech that supports Australia’s leading franchise and boutique agencies with our industry leading AI-chatbot Alex.

Simply put, Alex handles thousands of tenant issues and questions 24/7 by providing self-service options, maintenance triage and troubleshooting.

Our tenant chatbot also seamlessly integrates with all the leading property management CRMs. No new systems to learn.

So why are Australia’s leading property management teams choosing AI?

Here's what we asked and how property managers responded.

Q. What's your motivation for trying out AI-automation?

The #1 main motivation for trying out AI-automation is 🥁🥁🥁 Enhance the tenant and landlord experience.

The results are not surprising to us. Across Australia we see property managers focussed passionately on creating exceptional rental experience for both their landlords and tenants. It is great to see that leading property managers are exploring how AI technology might support them in this journey.

AI will never replace humans, but it can enhance experiences.

Q. How will you re-invest the time made available through AI?

Property managers really are a hard-working bunch! Only 7% of you said “work fewer hours”, despite the industry being notorious for overtime and weekend work. Client relationships was #1 and business development a close #2.

What a super-positive reflection on the work ethos of our industry. However, with Alex taking care of so many of your tenant enquiries, we think you should take a few well-earnt early knockoffs too 😊

Q. How much time does your property management team spend on repetitive admin tasks?

The average Property Management team spends 6.5 hours on repetitive admin tasks; demonstrating there is a need for further automation of workflows.

Most property management teams have in place systems that automate workflows for applications, listings, reconciliations, and maintenance.

At Rental Heroes we integrate seamlessly with your existing workflow systems and CRM. Our focus is on the automation of tenant requests that use to take place via phone and email. We now automate “communications” – a new frontier for AI.

Oh, and just for fun….

Q. Do you have a property management system in place?

Most of our existing and future customers use PropertyMe - which incidentally is known for being great at providing intuitive workflow automation. It’s perhaps not surprising that AI is the next stop on the tech journey.

Are you ready for AI?

Our AI helps real estate people, be
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