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Alex, what's the latest?

Friday 31 July 2020

Alex in action

Your AI-chatbot “Alex” is like having a personal assistant, available to help your tenants 24/7 with common questions and issues.

Alex has been designed to handle all kinds of tenant request including:

  • How do I pay my rent?

Alex offers your payment platform details

  • Tenant requests – e.g. “I want to paint a wall” or, “request a pet"

Alex provides your pet request or property modification form

  • "I have a maintenance issue”

Alex will ask all the right trouble-shooting questions to try and help your tenant solve an issue before escalation to their property manager. We cover a vast range of “trouble-shooting” questions from air-conditioner remote-control batteries to how to safely check a fuse switch or hot water system pilot light.

Alex is smart, and even self-learns, but he still sometimes needs a helping hand. For example, we recently saw a tenant log an issue about a pigeon nesting under her apartment balcony. Alex had not seen this request type before! When this happens, our customer care team is on standby to directly message and guide your tenant through their request.

We’re continually improving Alex, some of the latest improvements include:

  • Choose what notifications your agency receives when a new request is logged in Alex. Your agency can now choose from an email notification, creation of a task or both! Get in touch with Dom if you’d like to make changes to your notifications (dom@rentalheroes.com.au).

  • Tenants can now indicate if a request impacts multiple rooms or locations, previously they could only choose one.

  • You’ll see more and more requests showing up as “Triage Complete”. This indicates the tenant has been through all the obvious checks prior to logging their issue. If you see this, you know that gotchas like a tripped fuse, safety lock, etc. have been confirmed as not the cause of the issue.

Here are some handy tips to get even more out of Alex:

  • For those tenants who insist on phoning or emailing, always remind your tenants that Alex is available 24/7 and that it is the fastest way to get issue resolution underway.

  • Ensure you have a direct URL link to Alex in your email auto-signature, your CRM templates and on your website.

  • Why not update your voicemail to remind tenants that Alex is available 24/7 to help with their enquiry.

We always love constrictive feedback – feel free to drop us an email: info@rentalheroes.com.au

‍Want to try “Alex” out for yourself? You can access our demo version of Alex here

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