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“Alex's” After-Hours Advantage in Light of Proposed Right to Disconnect Laws

Friday 16 February 2024

Right to disconnect

Gone are the days of enduring long lines at the store or waiting endlessly on hold to check your bank balance. Thanks to self-service checkouts and mobile banking apps, businesses are prioritising customer experience through digital solutions and now, it’s the real estate industry's turn!

In today's fast-paced world, tenants expect immediate solutions to their enquiries. As technology-savvy individuals, they prefer to handle issues independently, seeking updated information and FAQs online. That’s why gearing your business with a digital self-service option is absolutely essential to stay ahead of the game.

Meet “Alex” the AI Chatbot: Your Virtual Doorman

“Alex” revolutionises property management by offering tenants assistance and information beyond regular office hours. By providing maintenance troubleshooting tips and quick answers to common questions, “Alex” reduces tenant frustration and frees up property management staff to focus on pressing tasks during the day. Moreover, with staff health and wellbeing being at the forefront as well as the possibility of right to disconnect laws coming into effect, “Alex” ensures that property managers can properly switch off outside of work hours.

How “Alex” Streamlines Property Management

24/7 Troubleshooting and Maintenance Resolution: “Alex” handles tenant enquiries and maintenance requests around the clock, minimising disruptions for both tenants and property managers. Whether it's rent related questions or maintenance issues, “Alex” ensures timely support, even outside of traditional business hours.

  1. Real-Time Insights: By analysing digital interactions, “Alex” identifies common questions and concerns, enabling proactive issue resolution. This data-driven approach enhances customer experience and streamlines workflow for property management teams.

  2. Reduced Workload for Office Teams: With “Alex” managing FAQs and routine tasks, property management teams can focus on complex issues and strategic priorities. By automating repetitive tasks, Alex enhances efficiency and enables personalised support when necessary.

Are you Ready for the Digital Transformation?

Say goodbye to mundane property management tasks and hello to improved customer satisfaction with “Alex”. Only 30 mins to setup, Alex integrates with your existing systems, so there are no new software systems or even training required. 

Think of “Alex” as another member of your team, except he’s digital and so happy to support your human team and tenants 24/7.

Embracing digital self-service can revolutionise your property management experience! Book a demo with us to learn more.

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