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Friday 4 December 2020

Rental Heroes Request Example Property Management Software

At Rental Heroes, the main goal of our product is to create superb rental experiences that are free from issues related to communication bottlenecks and constant back-and-forths over the telephone. 

Through our AI powered chatbot and virtual assistant named “Alex”, we offer the tools for providing simple, guided conversations for commonly asked questions and maintenance issues raised by tenants. This reduces the time spent communicating about low-level tasks such as describing a specific issue, approving a quote or booking appointments. In turn, instant decisions are enabled. 

What our clients have to say about Rental Heroes and Alex:

“Alex has helped our tenants by being able to help resolve common, simple issues right away. They’re able to log on out of hours and lodge their maintenance requests. They can also find out when their rent is paid up to, or if they have paid their rent up. It then saves us having to chase up all the phone calls and emails later on.”

Taylor, Distinct Property Management - https://youtu.be/5I_1gh1guD4

What our clients realise is the way our chatbot works, when the tenant has a quick question (whether it’s about when their lease is up to or the period for which rent is paid up, etc), they can simply jump on to Rental Heroes and ask Alex the question. It’s a good alternative to tenants having to get in a queue and call up management, and they end up getting the answer straight away. Time is saved for all parties involved, and managers get to focus more on tasks that matter most. 

Those are the true benefits of having common enquiries dealt with by Rental Heroes’s Alex. People can interact with our virtual assistant via email, SMS, voice, Facebook Messenger as well as Google Assistant. Learn more about our Property Management Software Solutions as well as our Residential Plans offered with great pricing options.

“A lot of our tenants have very high-end jobs. They expect modern technology and instant responses. That's where Alex has really helped our tenants with – getting that instant response that they need, getting that information straight away. What my team loves most about Alex is the efficiency and modern side of things, and not being so interrupted especially during after hours and weekends, and to have that service available 24/7."

Jo, Agent Greg Hocking - https://youtu.be/9586elISVpk

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