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How Alex is helping PMs work from home during COVID

Wednesday 25 March 2020

Rental Heroes AI-chatbot

Residential real estate agencies across the globe are transitioning property management service provision to a work-from-home model.

Our AI-chatbot Alex supports property managers and tenants by:

  • Reducing the volume of email and phone traffic. This is particularly important when many agencies are operating with fewer staff.

  • Enabling dynamic COV-ID 19 updates. Many governments are introducing temporary relief measures, for example rental assistance. Our chatbot is configurable by jurisdiction and will steer tenants towards the appropriate government websites and processes.

  • Communicating self-isolation and home quarantine. Our direct messaging feature allows tenants to inform trades and property managers in real-time if access to their property becomes unavailable.

  • Providing your tenants with 24/7 support whilst answering common questions and triaging issues. Videos, photos and detailed self-help diagnostics help reduce the number of follow-on tasks for property managers and trades.

  • Prioritising request types. With more tenants working from home, we are seeing an increase in home maintenance requests. Let Alex prioritise effectively your urgent and non-urgent issues.

  • Managing your tenant expectations. Finding available trades may become harder and landlord approvals may become slower. Alex is integrated with your cloud-based CRM or maintenance tracking system and will keep your tenants informed as a job progresses.

Rental Heroes is an Australian based proptech focused on helping Property Managers automate and reduce the manual interactions when coordinating common tenant requests, including maintenance.

Our product is an AI-powered chat-bot called “Alex”. Alex communicates directly with your Tenants and takes care of the transactional “busy work” - every Property Manager can essentially have their very own digital Property Assistant.

Users interact with Alex via existing channels – including Messenger, SMS, email and soon voice. There are no portals and logins - which is driving rapid user-adoption. Our property management customers are finding that 62% of all tenant requests are being raised via Alex (and largely automated) which is reducing their email and phone traffic. We integrate seamlessly with cloud-based CRM and Maintenance systems, including PropertyMe and Property Tree.

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