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Investible Games

Thursday 12 December 2019

Investible Games 2019 cohort

We were delighted to be selected for the Investible Games. We made some great connections and learnt how to make Rental Heroes investible!

Investable look at over 1,800 opportunities per year in Australia – so we were stoked to receive a video message saying that we were 1 of the 10 start-ups that the Investable team wanted to take a closer look at.

In less than 48 hours, we gained insights that would typically require months of investor meetings to learn and had the opportunity to advance our business model and strategic planning. It was super-intense; we completed 10 challenges ranging from explaining our 5yr financial model (in 3 mins!) through to sales funnel optimisation.  

Over 20 investors provided us with direct feedback on what they like and also how to make us more investible.  

The feedback was targeted and actionable. For example, our sales funnel approach has completely changed as result of Investible. We are now confident that we will sign our first 30 customers in H1 2020.

It was amazing to meet start-ups ranging from early stage (like us) through to those looking to raise >$10m to break into the US market.  

The energy in the room was terrific. We’ve made some wonderful new friends and hopefully future investment partners.

Rental Heroes will be opening a seed round in 2020.

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