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PropertyMe & Rental Heroes Chatbot Alex - A Great Combo

Thursday 25 February 2021

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Technology as a whole is evolving faster than ever in the proptech space. This is evident in the way CRM platforms and property management service models continue to undergo significant change and growth.

When two innovative, reliable technologies work together, this leads to greater benefits for both property managers and landlords. Which is why PropertyMe and Rental Heroes is a perfect combination when it comes to property management.

Property Management Software: How PropertyMe Works

PropertyMe is Australia’s largest cloud property management software, complete with message automation ability, tools for creating personalised emails and letters, as well as sales trust property accounting features. 

With PropertyMe, property managers are less burdened with tracking countless bills and invoices, responding to individual enquiries and scheduling inspections. Customers and owners also benefit from this top-tier property management software as they get 24/7 access to their property information, past statements and other financial activity.

How Rental Heroes Helps PropertyMe Customers

We know how useful automation is for online customer service and Q&A . This is where we at Rental Heroes come in. We have created “Alex”, an AI-enabled chatbot designed to reduce the workload of property managers by delivering immediate responses to commonly asked questions by tenants. 

The integration with Alex is a unique one. The chatbot runs in Messenger, with an average of 85% of existing tenants able to access. Eliminating the hassle users generally experience when they have to download a new app or portal and input their details in order to access information.

PropertyMe – Communication Made Faster and Easier

In customer service, it’s all about speed and convenience. Hence with Alex, property managers are seeing tenant requests now being raised through the chatbot, with automated replies sent to questions such as “When does my tenancy end?” and “Can I have a pet?” 

Alex also handles typical property maintenance requests, presenting self-help options to tenants. It can determine whether an issue is “urgent”, and if so, which information and contact details of your preferred trade to provide. The benefits to all these things? Reduced email and phone traffic. More efficiency. Better communication. Increased customer satisfaction.

At Rental Heroes, we are serious about making seamless, hassle-free rental experiences without communication bottlenecks and decision-making delays. 

Find out more about our property management solutions in Residential Property, Retail & Commercial and Owners Corporations.

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