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reHeroes stands out in AREC 2023

Wednesday 12 July 2023

AREC main stage

reHeroes stands out in AREC 2023

reHeroes is still riding high from their recent participation in the prestigious Australasian Real Estate Conference (AREC) on the Gold Coast on 28 and 29 May — the largest and most well-attended real estate conference and industry empowerment event in the world.  With its widespread recognition, AREC is the ultimate platform to showcase cutting-edge Australian technology that's reshaping the real estate sector.

When AREC was founded, its aim was clear: to bring together the best real estate speakers and experts from around the globe, specifically catering to the Australian market. At that time, there was a noticeable gap between the performance of Australian agents and their international counterparts, especially those from the United States. However, times have changed and today Australia and New Zealand proudly stand as the home of some of the world's top real estate agents.

reHeroes team

Team reHeroes from left to right: Leanne Sorby, Gonzalo Rodriuez, Dom Chmielewski & Ben Burton

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, AREC delivered an impressive lineup of 33 speakers, including influential industry leaders and keynote speakers such as Ryan Serhant, the brilliant mind behind "The Secrets of the World's Leading Agent," and Madison Sutton, the driving force behind TheNYCAgent. And that's not all — countless other specialists, deeply immersed in the real estate scene, shared their invaluable insights.

It comes as no surprise that many of the top agents in Australasia attribute their success to AREC, considering it the primary source of valuable content and mindset training.

What is AREC?

Around two decades ago, real estate conferences were non-existent, something that didn’t escape the attention of John McGrath, the founder of AREC. After attending a conference in the US and witnessing the high-quality training and actionable ideas presented by some of America's top agents, John felt inspired. He made it his mission to bring a similar standard of excellence to Australia.

Fast forward to AREC 2023, where this two-day event now offers real estate agents an unparalleled experience. The essence of AREC lies in its purpose to unite and educate the industry, bringing together professionals from various backgrounds and providing them with access to speakers and resources that can't be found anywhere else. These inspiring speakers shared their insights on how their personal growth stories can be applied to real estate ideas, strategies, and execution.

In an industry often dominated by sole traders who view each other as competitors, AREC breaks down those barriers. When thousands of delegates gather for AREC, they come together under one roof, ready to share the secrets behind their success. The networking opportunities and connections formed during this event are truly unmatched.

For 25 years, AREC has continually evolved to remain relevant to our industry. It serves as a breeding ground for better ideas, strategies, and executions. As the real estate landscape continues to transform, AREC stands as the steadfast platform where professionals can keep their finger on the pulse.

reHeroes makes a splash in AREC 2023

Being a proptech business, it was essential for reHeroes to make its presence known at AREC. This was a golden opportunity for them to showcase their products and highlight their role in enhancing efficiency in the Australian real estate market to a wider audience.

In fact, reHeroes received special recognition as they were featured in Elite Agent's shortlist of top exhibitors at AREC 2023. Delegates were particularly intrigued by the sneak peak reHeroes provided with their latest Chat GPT powered website chatbot, AiVa. The reHeroes team also made sure to highlight “Alex”, the current generation product which streamlines operations for tenants and property managers.

reHeroes AREC stand

The timing of AREC couldn't have been better for reHeroes as it also provided them with the ideal platform to create awareness about their rebranding efforts and generate buzz around their new identity.

In just a few short years, Rental Heroes (now reHeroes) had rapidly emerged as one of the fastest-growing proptech companies in the country. Their commitment to property technology had not only earned them honours as an award-winning industry leader but had also solidified their reputation as an innovative and groundbreaking force.

To keep pace with the industry's growth, the Rental Heroes team embarked on a strategic and significant rebranding campaign. In May 2023, they took a bold step forward by relaunching as reHeroes, which stands for Real Estate Heroes. This rebrand perfectly captures their mission which is, "Our AI helps real estate people, be real estate Heroes."

reHeroes’ positioning in the proptech industry

The global proptech industry is on the cusp of tremendous growth, and Australian proptech is poised to lead the charge. Despite concerns that traditional real estate companies may not fully grasp the potential of digital transformation, proptech firms are still expecting rapid and sustained expansion.

According to a recent survey, a whopping 93 percent of Australian proptech firms anticipate continued investment in their sector. Not a single respondent expressed any doubt or expectation of a slowdown in funding. Why? Because many traditional real estate companies have clients with complex and challenging needs, they recognise that embracing digital transformation is no longer optional — it's essential.

Participating in AREC 2023 has further solidified reHeroes' position in the market, generating a surge of leads and new contacts and serving as a powerful platform for showcasing their innovative solutions and connecting with industry professionals who are eager to embrace the future of real estate.

The real estate industry is eagerly seeking better technology that can continue to boost efficiency in operations. With over 500 proptech companies in Australia, the market presents a golden opportunity for advanced well-engineered solutions like reHeroes to step in and address the industry's challenges head-on. 

This is where reHeroes shines—they take an applied approach, tackling the problems of the industry head-on and working closely with clients to build a new paradigm in real estate.

The traditional real estate sector has long lagged behind when it comes to embracing technology, but that's about to change, and reHeroes is more than ready for this transformation. They understand that doing things differently and leveraging technology effectively can usher in a new era of real estate, and they are committed to making it happen.

The success of AREC 2023 further cements reHeroes' place in the market and underscores the industry's readiness to embrace technology for better operations and customer service. As the traditional real estate sector undergoes much-needed digitisation, reHeroes is at the forefront, driving the industry forward with its effective strategies and transformative solutions.

reHeroes is already gearing up for next-level development when it comes to proptech. Book a demo with us if you are interested in revolutionising your company’s proptech.

Lee Sorby and Sarah Dawson at AREC

reHeroes National Sales Manager Leanne Sorby is interviewed by Property Me CCO Sarah Dawson

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