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Strong start to 2020

Thursday 27 February 2020

Rental Heroes growth chart

It’s been an amazing start to 2020!

We are delighted that LJ Hooker, off the back of their successful pilot, are adding an additional branch. The LJ Hooker folk are an innovative can-do team and have been fantastic with their support and feedback throughout the pilot period.

Our AI-chatbot demo (“Alex”) now largely does the selling for us. Alex is so simple and intuitive; prospective property management customers instantly relate to the types of manual interactions that Alex is automating on a day-to-day basis.

The latest challenge for the Rental Heroes team is building a strong pipeline of sales demo appointments - with a new brand and small marketing budget. So,we have been testing multiple lead generation strategies including referral networks, conference attendance and targeted email/call campaigns.

And it’s working!

As a result,we are now busy onboarding a further 5 property management branches (3,734 tenancies) whilst growing our sales funnel. Our average sales cycle is 17 business days and 4 touch-points.

Our “per-branch” pricing model is a monthly subscription, based on the number properties under management.

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