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Tech Integration: Rental Heroes & PropertyMe CRM

Friday 16 October 2020

Propertyme CRM Rental Heroes Integration

PropertyMe is Rental Heroes’ CRM of choice, given their long standing reputation (founded in 2013) and major contribution to the real estate sector. PropertyMe processes over $1 billion per month, facilitating in excess of 1.1 million inspections, 1.5 million maintenance jobs and 4.1 million conversations annually. So it’s fitting that we’ve decided on integrating with their software.

PropertyMe – A Leader In Property Management Software

The largest cloud property management software available in Australia, PropertyMe has everything that one needs to handle the day to day challenges of property managers’ work. Through their innovative CRM platform, owners get 24/7 access to their property information, statements, financial activity and more. 

Organisation couldn’t be made simpler with built-in accounting features such as receipting and bulk disbursement. PropertyMe also offers a collection of ready-made templates for composing letters, emails and SMS texts, and these can all be automated in delivery by customisable triggers. Less menial tasks. More focus on important things.

How PropertyMe-Rental Heroes Integration Works

Rental Heroes has created “Alex”, an AI-powered chatbot designed to allow tenants and owners on PropertyMe to self-serve, streamline processes and eliminate communication bottlenecks. Time that might be spent on low-level matters (like describing a particular issue or approving quotes) is instead freed up for more productive tasks. It fosters efficiency.

Once the integration is activated, Alex can respond to common tenant and landlord questions based on details made available by the property manager (e.g. “When is my next inspection?” or “When does my lease end?”). In the event of an issue requiring escalation to a property manager, Alex logs a job in PropertyMe against the respective property. This shows up in both the Activity Feed and the Jobs screen. 

At Rental Heroes, we strive for only the best quality when it comes to experiences for professionals in the industry. Our Property Management Software Solutions pave the way for these brilliant rental experiences. Find out more about our Residential Plans which include our Starter and Pro pricing options.

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