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The humans behind Alex

Sunday 26 July 2020

Renta Heroes Team

Our AI-chatbot “Alex” is now available to over 8,000 tenants and handles hundreds of different tenant requests and issues.

Alex is smart, and even self-learns, but he still sometimes needs a helping hand. For example, we recently saw a tenant log an issue about a pigeon nesting under her apartment balcony. Alex had not seen this request type before!

So, what happens if “Alex” sees something new?

This is an inevitable scenario with a new conversational AI product, and we have a team in place to help.

Introducing our first Rental Heroes team members – Roland Navarra and Anna Gaita.

Roland and Anna are guns at customer care among many other activities. Using our custom-built software, they can track and monitor tenant chats with Alex and step in as a live messaging agent if required.

Roland, our Business Development Manager, comes to us with extensive experience is sales, digital marketing and customer care in the real estate sector.

Anna, our Customer Service Manager, has deep experience in customer care (for property maintenance) along with reporting and other administrative tasks.

Welcome to Rental Heroes Anna and Roland!

Oh, by the way, if you are a tenant with a pigeon issue – Alex will now ask you a few diagnostic questions upfront and then seamlessly log it into your property managers’ workflow system as a pest and rodent issue.

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